Monday, March 14, 2011

your wallet size cannot measure your style.
Just because you have money it definitely does NOT mean you have style. I actually find that people who have been blessed with money from birth have the least style. (Not in all cases.) But who else is going to buy the super expensive gaudy things and own a million pairs of Uggs?
Of course you can always buy a stylist, so you look stylish.. but you still lack style. I have x-ray vision just for that.
I guess I can say that I'm proud of my not so wealthy upbringing, my ability to find jewels in discount priced and thrift store clothing,  habit of walking into a store STRAIGHT to the sale section, disgust in people who buy each piece off of a mannequin and only know how to wear it in that order, and my ability to wear each item in my closet in a million different ways.

Clothing is the next thing after nourishment, breathing, and sleep that we as humans have to do.
The body is a canvas that each and every individual possesses from birth, and each day we paint our canvas with clothes. Some better than others, some more wild, some more simple, some just throw it on, and many look at others' canvas and will paint that same picture the next day...
For me it is a craft and I am an artist. I am my own Picasso if you will

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