Friday, January 21, 2011


During the Winter break I took a trip to Bangalore, India with the Art of Living Foundation for peace of mind, and filled my 10 days with beautiful yoga and meditation. 
 New Friends!

The Beautiful Ashram Temple

Monday, January 10, 2011

Felling Jazzy in my Granny Shoes!

Shoes: thrifted!

Girls Night at The Loft

 Don't mind the (tipsy) grin. lol
The top and bottom of my outfit are scarves! lol
You have to get creative sometimes
Wearing: Purple pashmina scarf, Circle H&M Knitted scarf

Brick Wall

Wearing: American Apparel High rise burnt orange jeans, Thrifted Blazer, Knitted top, Leather bag from Eastern Market

Window Seal

Stolen and Found

They were once stolen from me, but they've been found.>> Zara heels

Zara Pumps


and this begins my "High Waisted Obsession"

DIY from thrift store white jeans

The night I met Bennium

This night was so memorable!
I will never forget it. We met up with some friends from the Velvet Lounge and went to Queen Makeda. Great night. Nuff Said

Wearing: Navy Lace F21 crop top, Lime green Victorias Secret lace bra :), Topshop clogs, and my infamous Madewell "clove" jeans

Gypsy Diary

I have been going through the pictures that have been on my computer since my Nomadic Journey began, and.. Im going to post them... Why not??

Free People

I've been coming across some great video inspiration! Check this out

Free People January from FreePeople on Vimeo.


So I met Travis and spent an entire day with him. Hope to see him again soon.
New York is calling..

Jeppery Campbell to liven your palllet

... And Heres a Video of one of my favorite shoe designers of the moment to add a little flavor to your pallets and hole you over until I post the meal!

New Year

Its 2011 and great thing are to come. I have been filled with inspiration! And I will be starting my blog back up!
Too many wonderfully dressed days have gone by uncaptured.