Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Such Great Heights


These pumps are clearly not made for walking! These sky high heels are longer than the shoe itself making you stand at an uncomfortable pointe like ballet. Although the shoe is unpractical it's a masterpiece to those with a fetish for the art of shoes!

Erotic photography by filmmaker David Lynch and designer Christian Louboutin.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Just getting over one of the most tragic/ yet somehow still fun, nights of my life...
i would have liked to stay home in bed, but its one of the last nights I have to spend with my girls so out we go!

I chose to keep i simple tonight because thats how i was feeling. This outfit was soo last minute but somehow it came but looking really cute. Going by the colors i would call it Sailor-esq!

I even got us into the club for free! the guy at the door said i was gorgeous!  lol

Wearing: thrifted blazer, jeans, & Jessica Simpson red suede platform bow tie pumps.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Feeling like a LumberJack layered up for the first snow day of the season!
finally decided to get out the bed and do something with my life so off to lunch and thrifting.

Meet Jack!

We went to Mai Thai, and the food was sooo yummy. Chicken skewers, and shrimp spring rolls.

Wearing: AE hat, green Jacket, Wrap scarf, Nothface fleece, jeans, & UO Boots

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Never Go Wrong With Neutrals

Had an interview today (CrossingMyFingers) hoping for the best.
I tried to go for a more casual look: the blazer and jeans, paired with a pump to establish that "I'm here for the interview!" Without being to over the top.

My roommate told me that whenever I'm trying on an outfit i stare at myself in the mirror with my thumbs in my front pockets, lol. i Guess it's a habit.

Wearing: Vintage Tweed Blazer, Silk Blouse, Jeans, Nine West Wooden Wedge Heels

Off To Class With Class

I decided to wear a dress today! Thankful for the beautiful weather, not hot but the way a fall day should feel with the sun shining bright. Today accomplishments have to be made, and yearbook pictures have to be taken.

My roommate thought i needed a change in background. lol

Wearing: H&M Peacock Dress, H&M oversized shrug, belt, riding boots.