Sunday, November 22, 2009

Night On The Town

This was one of the most fun nights i've had in DC with the girls.
we went on U street and Adams Morgan searching for something to do and had the night of our lives.
First we went to a really cute restaurant called Bus Boys & Poets, i had a really good turkey burger with sweet potato fries.
On the way back down the street we stumlbed upon a little salsa club that was giving salsa dancing lessons so we went in to check it out and ended up having a great time!
so much fun

Wearing: Thrifted Zara Jacket, Nudie Jeans, Cranberry U.O. flats, navy O.U. V-neck

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Last night was wild! We went to a total of 4 clubs, and for each lets just say i was 21.
So 1st we went to an open bar, after one pineapple&vodka, three cranberry&vodkas, and one ginatonic, we were off to the next few clubs.
After the 4th we decided to call it a night and had the cutest brunch at Kramers around 3am
As if that wasn't enough i got in the car and realized that after changing into my flats i lost a pump and we went searching the town to find it... thankfully it was by one of the places we had parked, it got a little wet but I'm just happy to have my shoe!

The flats, couldn't go the whole night without them.

I love this suit case style purse i found while thrifting.

Wearing vintage pink blouse, vintage oversized blazer, and Dolce Vita pumps.

Friday, November 13, 2009


"Take an Elle" is simply a play on the term "take an L" which stands for taking a loss.
in this case "elle" represents me. So welcome to my Blog, a place where i will showcase my lifestyle focusing on the fashion aspect.
So welcome and Take an Elle, or take me for who I am;)

Starting Out Simple

This Outfit is Simply me.

Peach Blazer. Navy trouser shorts. TOMS.